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Froe Char is the solo project of Christina, started in Italy around 2008 and now based between Paris and Bruxelles.
After a low-fi debut, various tapes and years of concerts and collaborations (she's also present in the duo '' llustration Sonore ' with Ame de Boue') Froe Char develop a more sophisticated sound, dark and foggy that combines synthetic spells, minimalist rhythms and mesmerizing vocals, which are highlighted in the debut album "Fossil" in 2013, collaboration between Modern Tapes, and Spielzeug Muzak, label where she's involved.

From the EP "Foreigner Skin" in 2015, the sound changes, becoming more aggressive, combining dark, noise et grimy ebm. After a tour in the United States, a 7" with Medical Records is released in 2018.
In the last years, Froe Char go on with more and more experimentations, splittering from digitals and analogs sources and decompositions of rythms, as in the tape with Alasia Colonna, the first one without vocals, only an hpynotic industrial landscapes defining her specific mood that hides different layers of noises. The last work on the D!HT, Panoplies, sounds like a summary of all the past & present energies of the artist. Let's wait for the next step...