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Bernard Grancher has existed publicly since 1996. He started perverting radio and brain waves in 1996 and gave birth to his weapon of mass destruction of intelligence in 2001: the GBBG.
He quickly formed a friendship with other oddballs he found on the web, and joined forces with the duo Vulvinia and Jambonstar to create the super group Audace in 2006.
In parallel with Audace’s productions, Bernard Grancher started producing his sounds in a limited perspective that is still limited.
Only thanks to Yan Hart-Lemonnier, then boss of the Angevin Ego Twister Records label, did our man manage to discipline himself and release Monsieur Délicieux, his first actual album in 2013.
After one last album with Audace in 2015
Bernard Grancher signed his second LP in 2016 with Gonzaï Records.
Now that Bernard Grancher considered the mission of stupidification of the world to be accomplished, he decided to undertake the GBBG to dedicate himself completely to music.
Two instrumental albums were released in 2017 on the label Err Rec Records.
He then prepared a new album from pieces recorded in the nineties, which he uses as raw material. A bit more noisy, melancholic, and worrisome, this vitriolic flashback to his musical adolescence will appear on the label Da Heard It Records in September 2018.