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Le Matin belongs to the privileged class that never use their supermarket plastic tokens when they need a shopping cart. It is of those who manage to create this virtuous loop of self-penetration that provides supreme independence to the beings that evolve in packs known as the supermarket shopping carts.

Le Matin confronts the attach system of shopping carts with its virtuosity to point a finger at the flaws of our ultra-consumerist societies. Working the night shift for the Carts, Le Matin has no other choice but to work its solfège and its MPC1000 alone in a room… early in the morning. Yes, Le Matin likes to call a spade a spade.
Thus, after participating in the initiation of the Bugcore movement more than ten years ago, Le Matin now treads – without error – new musical lands made of analog synths and rhythm boxes to shamelessly flirt with Chicago’s house, Detroit’s electro, and minimal wave synth.