Cachette A Branlette

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Cachette à branlette (“fap stash”) is the “analogic” alias of Florian Steiner, fallen multimedia designer revived by boiler in the 2010s.

A group of school friends invited him one day to join them in a punk-metal-fusion band, a popular trend among rural teenagers at the time. Each was just starting in their instrument; but in any case, there was only room for a bassist. It was the beginning of a difficult adventure into music, between two pogos in the party room.

Meanwhile, video games were starting to take off, and the 56K arrived at home. Doom-like games online, music pirating, and the modding scene introduced him to numerical tools and the discovery of other cultures.

Having a few notions in the Mario Paint sequencer on Super Nes and the demo of Rave Ejay, grilling the sound and its composition on programs allowed him to develop his skills in M.A.O. in parallel to his metal rehearsals.

While his friends were leaning towards other hobbies, florian death, sensible, unas (rakraganh) and as many more blazes as atmospheres were being born.

Often taking with them the memories of the metal child.

Florian was born in 1985, 40 clicks away from Burg im Leimental.

All this shit continued to develop; like an enormous super living and deep spiral, until the appearance of a filthy JUNO-106 in an accordion shop in Germany.

In the shadows of the working of steel, aperitifs and love, a sanctuary was defining itself as well as the birth of the cachette à branlette.