Ersreverotua Vol. 2

Autoreverse - Ersreverotua Vol. 2

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Ersreverotua Vol. 2

Autoreverse’s second Autoreverse firefight, after the eponymous palindrome Esreverotua (2021).
Nina Garcia and Arnaud Rivière merging into the same matter, a unified duo.
Unstructured rock'n'roll, a tricky alloy crushing punk, the no wave and the noise.
Reinvented formula: retracted anger, underground claws, declared osmosis.
Collisions and crushings, by one and by the other. Tension envenomed by its very release, in jerks.
Allothogenic substance, with shelves ready for collapse. Guitar digging into obsession, eyeing a rupture.
Convulsive substruction of chthonic waves, reasoned chaos.
Dry, pure guitar lines dipped in boiling lead. She broke around here, he will break again around there.
Perpetual ascension, erection of a barbed wire building. Irked machine, clinging to your inner ear.
View from the observation point on a future corroded from the inside.
Silence is not gold, beauty is steel.
They who do not hear the alarm are deaf.

Laurent Nerzic (text)
Danielle Josset (translation)

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Artwork by Hélène Marian
Mastering by Aymeric De Tapol
Mix by Etienne Foyer1
Duplicate by William Nurdin
Illustration by Hélène Marian