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Also known as “Poborsk” for about twenty years, Patrice Curtillat is one of the spearheads of IDM in France. He is found on prestigious labels, such as Flogsta Danshall (Limonious), Computer Club, and Icasea (Team Doyobi), and is the cofounder of the skweee label Mazout. Autechre did not make a mistake when they chose him to open for them in Lyon for their last French tour. Renown among his peers in Scandinavia and England, he is a discrete yet brilliant producer in the aesthetic veins of labels such as Skam and Warp, to which he adds a Balearic Marseille touch.

In this new project, he rekindles old flames: funk, breakdance, old-school house… whilst always maintaining his inimitable style made of granular grooves and pentatonic melodies in a sunny atmosphere. His “feel-good” music may be an ideal soundtrack for a science-fiction series, a report on 4G, or a motorcycle race.